Anja Toetenel Writer, Coach and Healer

Anja Toetenel in her living room

Anja Toetenel blogs about spirituality, personal growth and development, the Law of Attraction and related things. Grow and travel with me on the amazing and magical journey called life! I believe we are all One and all Connected. Oneness in Love and Light. My life is pure Bliss. I reached a point in which everything is a pure Blessing. From the little things to the biggies. I don’t even make a difference anymore. I just Love Life, no matter what comes my way! And so can you! Let me guide you and show you how!

Anja Toetenel is, just like you are, a human. She laughs and she sometimes cries, but in general Anja is a Happy and Blissful person. She goes through the same emotions as you do. She chooses to identify with Divine Love and Bliss and not with the negative ones. That is the way she want her world to be. And the world in general.

Besides this, Anja Toetenel is a woman, born in the beautiful year of 1969, and lives together with her dogs and birds in her lovely and cozy apartment in the Netherlands.

Anja Toetenel: “My greatest passion is to inspire people to BE Greatness!”

She wants people to live their dream life and to discover their spirituality. She believes in a world of Love and Oneness and wants to reach out to as many people as possible! The more people that awaken into their spirituality, the better this world will be. Living and growing together. You are Greatness, you have it all in you!

Anja Toetenel Before she Awakened into Spirituality: a short overview

In the past Anja Toetenel worked as a certified nurse. Later on, in her early twenties, she started working as a journalist. First free lance for a magazine about paranormal things (Paravisie) and then she worked for television as an editor/producer for several Dutch programs. She has also been a host and reporter of her own radio show and a reporter for other radio shows.

In the mid nineties she started her first (Dutch) website, called “Spiegeltje” (translated as Mirror) about spirituality and personal growth. This website is still online and looks much better now. It is one of her big passions! Later on she started a few other websites about happiness and personal growth.

This year (2016) she also introduced “Blissy Healing“, for her international clients. Here she offers services like coaching and healing to people worldwide. Click here if you want to learn more…

Right now, Anja Toetenel is an international coach, energy healer, writer and inspirational person to many. She is active in social media, especially on Facebook. Click here to connect with Anja on Facebook. Get inspired by Anja’s daily intention posts and other inspirational things. Or ask her for free healing and free Money Reiki!

Anja Toetenel did several coaching and healing trainings, studies and courses throughout the years. She learned a lot about spiritual and personal development. Her studies, books and coaches helped her all on her path to awakening.

But she learned most from the famous “University of Life”. That is where the true wisdom lies. Her inspirational teachers and coaches are people like Louise Hay, Wayne Dyer, Dr. Pillai, Michael Bernard Beckwith, Gregg Braden, Deepak Chopra, and many more. The list is too big to mention them all. Anja feels deep gratitude for all people that supported and inspired her on her way to spiritual awakening. She still learns on a daily basis.

From being a Victim to a Life of Bliss and Happiness

Anja Toetenel had a rough childhood, she was physically, sexually and emotionally abused by her stepfather and by members of a child porn network in Belgium. This had a huge impact on her life and it took her many years to heal from the pain from the past. But in the end she made it and has forgiven all involved, including herself.

From Trauma to Blessing

It is her mission to guide and coach people from a victim mindset to a mindset of greatness and victory. She believes that no matter how bad your life has been, you can always be Happy and feel Blissful! Anja is living proof that this is possible. She wants to help and support as many people as possible to do the same. Including you who is reading!

Anja Toetenel’s Mission in Life

Anja doesn’t want you to suffer as long as she did herself. She want to contribute to Love and Happiness in this world. Through her writing, coaching and being a motivational speaker and teacher, she wants to inspire you and help you to feel your Greatness instead of fearful and powerless. If she could make it, then so can you!

Anja Toetenel wants to spread Love and Light in this world

After all that is what she believes in.  She believes in the Power of Oneness and wants to hug away the duality in this world. This is possible, one step at a time, one human at  a time. The more people awaken into spirituality, Love and Oneness, the stronger the Light can shine over our beautiful Planet. She does this through her websites, through her healing and coaching services, in social media and through her courses, workshops, articles and books.

Be the difference in this world, together with Anja Toetenel! Love, Light and Blessings to you!